Continental puts together holistic car HMI

June 19, 2015 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Hitherto, the design of human machine interfaces (HMI) was driven by technological aspects. Automotive supplier Continental intends change over to a more holistic, integrated approach that takes into account the driver’s situation as well as environmental conditions. As a result, the driver will get all relevant information at the right time and the right way. The elements of such a holistic interface were on display at Continental’s recent TechShow.

The dialogue starts already before the driver enters the car: The car key is integrated into the user’s mobile phone. This “dynamic” key can be passed among authorised user or between car rental service and customer. Inside the vehicle, novel instrument clusters with a combination of conventional pointer instruments and of AMOLED display or a curved AMOLED display help car designers to create a clear, non-distracting user interface.


Fig. 1: Curved AMOLED display picks up consumer electronics design trends