Crystal oscillator for very harsh environments

May 09, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Vectron International has introduced a crystal oscillator featuring an ultra high and wide continuous operating temperature range from -55°C to +230°C. Besides its wide temperature range, the device also resists heavy vibrations.

With a shock resistance of up to 1.000 g and a vibration resistance of up to 20 grms, the PX-570 operates in the standard frequency range from 32 kHz to 40 MHz with ±100 ppm frequency stability over the entire operating temperature range.

Provided in a 6-leaded (thru-hole and gull-wing options) high temperature cofired ceramic package (HTCC), measuring just 8 mm x 8.5 mm x 2.9 mm, the RoHS compliant PX-570 has high package to board attachment fatigue resistance.

The PX-570's compliant quartz resonator mounting technique make it ideal for use in military, automotive, industrial and other harsh environment applications. The device is obtainable from distributor MSC. Data sheets and samples of the PX-570 can be requested by sending an email to