Customer-specific torque measurement on vehicle drive shafts

January 13, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Through its business unit IPEngineering, measurement technology provider IPEtronik GmbH offers customer-specific strain gauge applications to measure pressure, tractive forces, torsion and torque in power train components. In a recent project, the company applied torsion/shear force gauges and transmitted the measuring signal by means of a telemetry system to the measurement equipment.

Besides integrating sensors and measurement equipment, the engineering group offers customer support for test stand measurement and strain gauge applications. The services spectrum includes also the implementation of measurement points for pressure and tractive forces as well as of torque transducers.

Contactless data transfer from rotation parts by means of telemetry systems today is a standard application in machine and vehicle building. To achieve high long-term stability of the measurement signal, the strain gauge application needs to meet high standards. For instance, it is mandatory to apply the strain gauge with great exactness to a shaft that has been prepared previously for this application by being grinded accordingly. For this purpose IPEtronik has a strain gauge laboratory at its disposal.

The spectrum of IPEtronik's strain gauge related services includes consulting, engineering and implementing of torsion strain gauge applications, calibration and providing the telemetry equipment. In addition, the company offers the M-SENS signal conditioning module with CAN bus interface and the IPEmotion 2013 software for the acquisition, visualization, and processing of measurement data.

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