Daimler S-class comes with MOST150

February 14, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Daimler has it on the street: The company's new Mercedes S-Class rolls along with the latest MOST infotainment data bus generation inside. The company now will introduce this technology gradually in all other Mercedes Benz models.

The development of MOST150 has been accompanies by a cost-benefits analysis, resulting in multiple innovation as well as in a high degree of backwards compatibility. Reuse of existing applications in MOST150 networks can be achieved by just adapting its network interfaces. This enables a gradual migration with most functionalities retained. Daimler plans to reuse of adapt many components of its proven system architecture, including major topology components, network management and application structuring.

"We expect that the significance of internet-based applications in automotive environments will rise strongly", said Daimler E/E and Telematics manager Peter Häussermann. "Future infotainment platforms need to take this into account." According to the manager, MOST150 provides a significant contribution through its support for Ethernet protocols, a new feature in the MOST150 generation. This communications channel enables the implementation of high-bandwidth IP networks as well as the integration of internet-based applications. The Ethernet channel transports Ethernet data frames without modifications and in accordance with IEEE 802.3, at a bandwidth of more than 100 Mbps. Thus, software stacks as well as applications can be transplanted without much effort from the consumer electronics world and commercial IT to automotive environments.

Critics believe that the MOST bus is under pressure by the increasing acceptance of Ethernet as defined by the OPEN Alliance. Nevertheless, several carmakers prepare start of production of at least one generation of MOST150-equipped vehicles.

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