Data acquisition software imports data from Althen loggers

September 20, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The latest version of Ipetronik's test stand software Ipemotion can import data from data loggers of manufacturer Althen GmbH. Likewise, it imports data from Graphtec data loggers type GL220, GL820, GL900 and GL7000.

Ipemotion is a software package that controls test stands and measurement equipment and is widely used in the automotive industry. The new feature of measurement data import offers an added value to many users since they can perform additional data evaluations and analysis. It also enables users to integrate Graphtec data loggers into their test set-ups.

For these analysis, Ipemotion offers a broad range of abilities and functions. They include zooming for each curve window, scrolling, changing the scale of the display, offline computations and more. The data also can be exported to data formats used in the automotive industry such as DIAdem or MDF. In addition, it offers a formula pool for storing complex calculation rules.

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