Data logger with 12 CAN bus inputs

October 05, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The IPElog is a data logger for particularly high requirements for mobile data acquisition during design und test of automotive systems. The device complements Ipetronics' successful M-/S-LOG and FleetLog product families and excels through extended functionality and higher performance.

The most visible feature of the IPElog are 12 CAN bus measurement inputs which are compatible to ISO 11898-2. Other features include "Quickstart with NoMessageList" function as well as a removable 1.8" solid-state disk for large amounts of data. Wireless data transmission and position determination is achieved through GPRS / UMTS / 3G /WiFi hardware modules as well as through a GPS module. The device can optionally use CAN protocols such as CCP, XCPonCAN, XCPonETH, KWPonCAN and UDS.

The data logger is powered by a 1,3 GHz Atom microprocessor with 1 GB RAM. It runs under the real-time operating system RTOS-32 and uses the proven data acquisition software Testdrive. Two optical 100BaseTX Ethernet inputs, a USB2.0 interface, four digital inputs and the same number of digital outputs round off the image. The device possesses an intelligent power management system with WakeOnCAN which monitors all CAN interfaces. Online measurement data are transferred to IPEmotion, ETAS INCA and Vector CANape takes place by means of CAN or XCPonETH. All controls can be set via the Windows IPEmotion software.

The logger works off the mains grid and consumes 12 watts. Since it works without fans or rotating storage systems, operation is completely silent. All measurement inputs, power supplies and the aluminium metal case are isolated.

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