Data logger for more than 100 channels

September 10, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The GL7000 data logger from Japanese measurement equipment provider Graphtec accepts real-time data over more than 100 input channels. It can be connected to sensors for a wide variety of physical dimensions including temperature, pressure, vibration, acceleration, and rotational speed to dilatation and many more. Depending on the number of amplifier units configured, the GL7000 processes the output from four to 112 measurement channels. The software that comes along with the GL7000 enables controlling up to ten connected devices through a PC, thus increasing the number of measurements channels to 1120.

For the storage of the measurement data, the GL7000 offers more than 2GB of integrated Flash memory along with an SD card slot for cards with a capacity of up to 32 GB. Storage of very fast-changing measurement values is accomplished through a separate RAM that accommodates up to two million samples. A separate SSD module with a capacity of up to 64 GB is available as an option.

An easy to read 5.7" color display and an touch panel collaborate in forming an intuitive user interface. Additional measurement modules for a broad range of physical dimensions will become available beginning end of the year. With their standardized form factor these modules can be attached to the main unity quickly and easily with four screws.

The GL7000 display is detachable, enabling system integrators to use the GL7000 as an embedded system directly in the process to be measured. In this case, the data are displayed through a PC. For connectivity with other electronics devices, a broad range of connectivity options is available, ranging from Ethernet and USB2.0 to internet and FTP. The GL7000 can also be used in a so-called USB Drive Mode, the data stored on the embedded Flash memory of the SD card can be easily accessed from the PC - the computer addresses the data logger like a normal USB device.

The GL7000 is obtainable from measurement expert company Althen GmbH (Kelkheim, Germany).

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