Debugger supports Infineon's new TriCore architecture

December 12, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Software tool vendor pls has introduced what it claims to be the first debugger for the latest iteration of Infineon's TriCore microprocessor product line. This TriCore version is based on a multicore architecture.

Universal Debug Engine 3.1.7 enables software developers to effectively monitor and control the three TriCore 32-bit cores and bundles all features and functions under a common user interface. This is supported by a flexible multicore program loader that enables the loading of program code and data as well as symbol information separately for each core. Control of the cores is carried out by a multicore run control manager, which offers a definition of core groups. Therefore, a very flexible control of the run-time behavior of the complex architecture is possible.

If required, a program development for the integrated hardware security module (HSM) of Infineon's next generation 65 nm eFlash microcontrollers is also possible with PLS' Universal Debug Engine. The HSM enables vehicle manufacturers to enhance the protection of the system integrity of their control devices and by means of its flexibility is also equipped to meet future security requirements.

Furthermore, the Universal Debug Engine supports programming of the on-chip flash, which is manufactured using 65 nm technology and meets the stringent requirements for use in the automotive sector. The on-chip flash enables fast programming, which becomes increasingly important considering the growing flash sizes, also in this sector.

The tool is the result of a cooperation between Infineon and pls Programmierbare Logik & Systeme already at an early stage of the TriCore multicore architecture development, the company said. TThe UDE version 3.1.7 from PLS is now available for users of the Development Device of Infineon's new TriCore multicore architecture.

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