Delphi implements novel radar-based assistance functions

Automotive supplier Delphi has developed several new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems functions, based on environmental data from four 77GHz radar sensors. These functions include lateral traffic assistance, side impact protection and a function that takes measures to mitigate the impact of rear-end collision.

Located at the corners of the car, the four radar sensors ensure 360-degree monitoring around the vehicle and cover distances up to 80 meters. For instance, the two rear sensors monitor the blind spot of the rear-view mirrors. In case a vehicle is approaching, the lane change assistant system warns the driver not to change lanes.


The new lateral traffic assistance does not only make use of Delphi’s radar sensors; also the data processing and control algorithms have been developed by the tier one. In case the driver wants to reverse out of a parking space, the radar sensors notice potential lateral traffic early and issue a warning to the driver. Likewise, the sensor also warns the driver if he exits an unclear drive in the case of lateral traffic.


Also the functions designed to prevent rear-end collisions utilizes homegrown Delphi algorithms. In the case the two rear-end radar sensors detect an imminent rear-end collision, the system increases the attention of the following traffic – for instance by flashing the lights at a high rate. If the collision cannot be avoided, the system can take preparatory safety measures such as tightening the belts and closing windows and sun roof.


A further alternative is merging radar and camera data. This approach is used in Delphi’s side impact protection function. This system monitors the traffic on multi-lane roads by means of cameras and radar sensors. In the case a vehicle driving in an adjacent lane starts moving towards the own lane and an impact becomes likely, the system changes the lane to avoid the collision, if possible without danger.


The systems are not prototypes, but already available in real-world vehicles. Delphi said that all the abovementioned driver assistance systems are built into a premium vehicle that already is in series production – in a premium-class vehicle. As usual in such cases, the tier one however declined to identify