Delphi renews common rail system family

July 18, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With a new product family of diesel common rail systems, automotive supplier Delphi targets passenger cars as well as light and medium-size commercial vehicles. The system reduces fuel consumption by improving the combustion process and includes magnet valve injectors, high-pressure pumps, electronic control units and rails.

Delphi's new common rail family achieves higher engine power through higher injection pressure - the system achieves a pressure of up to 2500 bar. Also the multiple injection process has been improved; the fuel is now injected up to nine times per cycle. These innovations cause better injection distribution and better overall combustion. In turn, these features reduce fuel consumption and the emission of carbon dioxide and other gases. In addition, the system enables designers to reduce the noise associated with diesel combustion.

The modular concept enables engine manufacturers to integrate these technologies into existing engine products and thus optimise injection performance without significant design effort. The system can be used in diesel engines with two to six cylinders. At the upcoming IAA Nutzfahrzeuge (International Automotive Exhibition for commercial vehicles) in Hannover (Germany), Delphi plans showcase the system.

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