Delphi rolls improved connector series

May 09, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Delphi Automotive has launched a new line of OCS sealed and unsealed connectors and terminals for use in standard automotive, light and commercial vehicle markets. The series, on display at the recent Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress, is engineered with innovative terminal and connector features to improve connection system vehicle warranty performance.

Delphi OCS incorporates industry standard housing footprints and terminal cavities, making it interchangeable with existing mating interfaces and terminal product offerings. The new series is simple in design, but superior in function, the company claims. The simplicity is said to allow for more consistent manufacturing and improved quality while the design delivers the performance features automakers are seeking.

The optimal connection system application uses both Delphi OCS terminals and connectors together, providing customers the maximum benefits of the total component series. Connection integrity is ensured with OCS's innovative component designs including low profile connector locks, side actuated connector position assurance locks with visual seat indication, and dual cantilever beam terminal contact geometries. These features target to improve the top connection system warranty issues found in vehicles today, including connector disconnect and terminal continuity issues.

Delphi OCS connectors are available in sealed and unsealed versions for in-line and device applications in multiple terminal sizes including 0.64 mm, 1.50 mm, and 2.80 mm. High-performing OCS terminals are available with Delphi-specific interfaces and proven crimp technology. The terminals are available in a wide product range of crimp sizes from 0.13 mm² to 3.0 mm² (26 gauge to 12 gauge).


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