Delphi to supply C2X to GM, starting 2016

September 10, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Despite commitments from several OEMs, the exact future of Car-2-X communications (also known as V2X) remains vague. While General Motors recently announced V2X as a series feature for some of its cars and Daimler even mentioned 2013 as start of production, most OEMs cautiously avoid defining an exact data for the start of production (SoP). A good hint of the real situation is an announcement from tier one Delphi: The company will launch series production of C2X equipment in 2016.

Delphi said it will provide the C2X wireless networking technology to General Motors. The production is scheduled for ramp-up in 2016 for the North American market. Thus, Delphi will be one of the first companies to offer C2X equipment.

C2X, with "x" standing for "vehicles" as well as for "infrastructure" or other communication partners, will significantly enhance the features and capabilities of advanced driver assistance systems. Radio signals will send along traffic-related data from vehicle to vehicle; even relaying across multiple vehicles will be possible. The information carried in the radio data will warn drivers of potential hazards along the road, even of those beyond his own line of sight or of his radar sensors. Sensors detect poor road conditions, black ice, construction sites, emergency vehicles in action, traffic congestions and accidents ahead. In addition, the vehicles can communicate with traffic lights or similar infrastructure elements to optimise their speed.

Delphi did not mention which technology it plans to utilise for its C2X products. The discussion in the industry gyrates about IEEE 802.11p, a species of the WiFi standard family modified for the needs of moving vehicles. Also LTE is an option for some carmakers. In any case, Delphi claims that the design options of its system are very flexible and allow users (carmakers) to adapt it to their specific needs.

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