Development platform to speed switchover to electromobility

February 20, 2018 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
NXP has introduced a high-performance platform for testing and designing control algorithms and energy management tasks for next-generation electric vehicles.

Following the introduction of its "Bluebox" for prototype development of autonomous vehicles, NXP Semiconductors now also rolls a development platform for vehicle electrification. This GreenBox enables automotive manufacturers and suppliers to start early on with the development of next-generation hybrid and electric vehicle applications using the S32 automotive multicore platform from NXP, which is based on arm-cortex technology.

GreenBox block diagram

With increasing legal emission limits and stricter global fuel economy requirements, both traditional OEMs and new entrants are under pressure to bring electric and hybrid vehicles to market as quickly as possible. The GreenBox offers a powerful computing platform for testing and designing new control algorithms and energy management tasks, which are of crucial importance for future hybrid and electric vehicles.

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