Development tool centralizes signal and parameter data management

March 07, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Software tool vendor dSpace added a module for centralized administration of signals and parameters to Synect, a data management software for model-based development and test of ECUs. This module enables designers to manage signals, parameter and sets of parameters across the entire development process. This facilitates the reuse of such data within a team but also across teams, process phases and projects. In addition, Synect allows to manage these data not only in different versions but also with relation to many variants relevant in design processes.

The Synect Signal and Parameter Management module supports numerous data formats for the exchange of signals and parameters and for the reuse of such data with other tools in the development process. For example, Simulink users can flexibly exchange parameter values as well as signal and parameter definitions between the respective function or plant model and the centralized data management within Synect. Users of the dSpace serial code generator TargetLink can exchange variables, type definitions and scaling factors between the file-based TargetLink Data Dictionary and Synect. For ECU applications, parameters can be imported and exported by means of DCM and PAR files.

An important aspect in Synect is how it supports the management of the large numbers of variants occurring during the design process. This allows specifying dependencies between parameters and variant as well as creating and managing of variant configurations.


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