Diab Compiler achieves automotive SPICE Level 2 for safer vehicle systems

November 05, 2013 // By Nick Flaherty
Wind River has released the latest version of its Diab Compiler and a qualification kit for the ISO 26262 automotive safety standard.

Wind River has added support for the Renesas RH850 family of automotive microcontrollers and has been certified to Level 2 of the Automotive SPICE process assessment model.
Diab Compile r includes a C/C++ compiler, an assembler, a linker, ANSI C and C++ libraries, and an instruction-set simulator that is OS-agnostic and supports a variety of processor architectures for mission-critical applications such as automotive, industrial, and aerospace and defense systems. Tested for quality and performance through millions of test cases, Diab Compiler helps customers meet the requirements of ISO 26262, a functional safety standard for road vehicles.
With its new Wind River Diab Compiler ISO 26262 Qualification Kit, Wind River delivers a model-based environment that helps customers tackle the challenges of ISO 26262 tool classification and qualification. It provides customers with greater guidance in using Diab Compiler in safety-related automotive projects.
The addition of the Renesas RH850 architecture to the Diab Compiler portfolio of automotive microcontroller support provides customers with even greater flexibility and opportunities to use the compiler across a wider range of automotive projects. The Renesas RH850 family of automotive microcontrollers offers high performance balanced with very low power consumption over a wide and scalable range of products.
As part of its ongoing commitment to address the increasingly complex quality requirements of automotive customers, Wind River has updated the development process for Diab Compiler, and this process has been certified to Level 2 of the Automotive SPICE process assessment model. Automotive SPICE is a framework for assessing software development processes for automotive applications. A team from Continental AG, a leading automotive industry supplier, conducted the most recent Automotive SPICE assessment.
"As cars become more sophisticated, taking measures to stay on top of the latest automotive quality and safety requirements is essential," said Achim Hoenow, head of software supplier quality management at Continental Automotive in Germany. "A significant and unique accomplishment among compiler technologies, Wind River Diab Compiler has achieved