Digital instrument cluster is safety certifiable

October 15, 2015 //By Julien Happich
Mentor Graphics' automotive safety certifiable digital instrument cluster solution enables safety-critical driver information to be displayed simultaneously with rich 3D graphics on a single instrument cluster display.

The software architecture is implemented on a multi-core and even on single-core System-on-Chip, and features very fast boot time. This new solution addresses a key problem for the automotive OEMs: how to migrate safety-critical driver information to full-featured, graphically-rich digital instrument clusters and comply with safety standards including ISO 26262, without pushing up hardware or safety certification costs.

Automotive OEMs today design digital instrument clusters that include graphical information relating to essential warnings from the vehicle, such as icons notifying the driver of brake, engine or tire problems.

The new solution, which is compatible with safety-certified Nucleus RTOS and Mentor’s automotive-qualified Linux solutions, allows safety-critical and non-critical information to be displayed simultaneously on the same display, while maintaining isolation of safety-related functions to comply with ISO 26262 safety standards.

The solution enables car makers to reduce costs because the system is built on pre-certified components such as the Nucleus SafetyCert RTOS, resulting in minimization of the number of lines of new code to be safety certified. It reduces silicon cost because the solution runs on a single SoC, or even a single core, and makes efficient use of available CPU resources.

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