Diodes, Inc. steps up automotive presence with Hall-effect latches

July 15, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
The AH376xQ family of AECQ100-qualified Hall effect latches (Diodes Inc.) has eight magnetic sensitivity options to span uses in commutation, encoding and position control of the various motors, pumps, fans and valves found in vehicle cabins for operating windows, sun roofs, seats, tailgates and air-conditioning.

These Hall effect latches can also be used in the engine bay for steering and sensing the speed and position of the crankshaft, camshafts, cooling fans, and water, oil and fuel pumps. With an extended -40 to +150C temperature range and a 3V to 28V supply voltage range, the AH376xQ devices tolerate the automotive environment of low crank voltage as well as over-voltage excursions. Protection features include a low leakage-blocking diode to guard against reverse-supply connection; input and output clamps help withstand transient voltages; and an output current limit avoids overload. ESD capability is 8 kV and load dump transient withstand is up to 32V.

The AH376xQ family provides eight different magnetic operation and release thresholds (Bop and Brp) to address the wide variety of applications with regard to magnet strength or sensor to magnet distance. These range from the highest Bop/Brp sensitivity of +25G/-25G to the lowest sensitivity of +210G/-210G. Pin-compatibility is maintained across the range and all devices are in industry-standard SOT23 and SIP3 packages. The AH3762Q/3Q/4Q/5Q are also offered in an SC59 package and provide the opposite polarity for magnetic detection compared to the SOT23 package.

The AH376xQ Hall effect latch ICs have 10 μsec power-on time and 3.75 μsec response time to reduce delays and commutation errors. A chopper-stabilised design with a low temperature coefficient minimises switch point drift and provides enhanced immunity to stress. Flexibility is added by the open-drain output configuration, allowing the external pull-up resistor value to be adjusted to suit the application.

The AH376xQ Hall effect latch family is fully qualified to the automotive AECQ100 standard and meets the AIAG production part approval process (PPAP). Available in SOT23, SIP3 or SC59 packages, devices are priced from $0.295 (1000).

Diodes Incorporated; www.diodes.com