Driver-assist SoCs get software support

October 27, 2011 // By Phil Ling
A software support package for Fujitsu Semiconductor’s Emerald and Jade graphics processors, which are targeted primarily at driver assistance and automotive infotainment applications, has been released by Green Hills, an offering that includes its INTEGRITY real-time operating system (RTOS) and board support packages (BSPs) aimed at enabling developers to reduce product time-to-market.

Fujitsu’s Emerald processor delivers a novel 360-degree wraparound view in automotive applications and is particularly directed towards virtual instrument clusters. Using Fujitsu’s system, the driver sees images from four cameras that are combined to appear as if taken from a bird’s-eye view.

These video images are projected onto a virtual 3D-curved surface and are displayed with much less distortion than in conventional systems. This is claimed to make it easier for drivers to recognize obstacles around their vehicles.   The Emerald chip is based on an ARM Cortex-A9 processor core, which has an integrated ARM-Neon-SIMD engine, and features four video input ports that enable simultaneous processing of different high resolution video images.

Fujitsu’s Jade chip incorporates an ARM926EJ-S CPU core, together with an enhanced version of the Coral PA graphic processor and a number of external interfaces. It is optimized for applications such as on-board and mobile navigation systems, graphical dashboard systems, HUD (head-up display) units and rear-seat entertainment systems.  

Initial market feedback for the Green Hills board support package is said to have been extremely positive. Markus Mierse, GCC director at Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe, commented, “Modern semiconductor devices are extremely complex forcing vendors to add more and more value to their products that enables the design-in and development of competitive customer products. A strong partnership between hardware and software vendors is essential to be successful.”   

Christopher Smith, vice president marketing, Green Hills Software, commented, “Driver assistance and information systems constitute the most visible area of advance for consumers. Fujitsu has created a family of devices that push the bar higher and, together with Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY RTOS and BSPs, will enhance the driving experience further.”  

The Green Hills Software board support packages for Fujitsu Semiconductor’s Emerald and Jade graphics processors were developed at Green Hills Software’s European Technical Center in the Netherlands. They are available now.