dSpace acquires data management license from Systemite

November 03, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive development tool vendor dSpace has acquired a technology license for a platform for data management and collaboration from Systemite AB. This platform will enable dSpace to offer embedded systems developers a solution for managing the enormous volumes of data and models, as well as their dependencies, versions and variants throughout the entire E/E development cycle and across global teams.

The license is permanent and allows dSpace to further develop the platform independently. Thus, it can be expected that many future dSpace products will build on the Systemite software and future derivatives.

dSpace CEO Herbert Hanselmann pointed out that the company's customers will benefit from Systemite's central, multi-user-capable data management and collaboration platform. The platform is scalable even to very large projects, he added. Hanselmann said that dSpace possesses the domain knowledge to expertly address important issues such as test, model and parameter management. These are issues that the development community is currently struggling with. "Solutions are required which support traceability and manageability. The new platform will support relevant standards and can connect a multitude of engineering tools, be it from dSpace or from third parties,” he added.

Systemite's technology is said to have a proven industry track record going back more than ten years, especially in automotives.