dSpace SystemDesk 4.0 supports Autosar R4

December 21, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Embedded development tools vendor dSpace GmbH has introduced version 4.0 of its ECU software architecture development tools SystemDesk. The new ver-sion features complete support for the current Autosar version Release 4. The software enables designers to exchange Autosar data by OEMs and suppliers, as well as with other tools in the development process.

SystemDesk 4.0 completely supports the Autosar 4.0 standard for developing ECU software with all its modeling options. Dedicated dialogs and graphical representation ensure easy handling and clear organization – so users can keep track of everything despite the enormous number of options. The data is validated while it is being entered, thereby reducing post design analysis and corrections. In addition, SystemDesk simplifies the modeling process by its tool automation throughout the entire process.

SystemDesk supports connections to other software tools in the development process. It can be closely coupled with TargetLink, the dSpace production code generator, so that function code can be integrated quickly into the appropriate software components. New options for importing and exporting Autosar files in SystemDesk 4.0 facilitate data exchange between OEMs and their suppliers, and also simplify access to version control systems.

For more information visit www.dspace.de