Dual color LED traffic light handles hazardous locations

March 30, 2016 // By PAUL BUCKLEY
The HAL-TL-2X10W-C chemical resistant LED traffic light
Larson Electronics has released a dual colored hazardous location LED signal light which is a Class 1 Division 2 signal stack light approved for use in hazardous environments where explosive and flammable gases, vapors, and dusts have the potential to exist.

The HAL-TL-2X10W-C chemical resistant LED traffic light is designed for routing traffic in industrial refueling stations and processing status indications in manufacturing facilities. The signal light is equipped with two 10 W LED lamps that produce a green and red output.

The lights can be configured to operate on a steady burn, a strobe or a steady burn and strobe combination and each LED lamp offers 1,050 lumen output. The unit is weatherproof, dust-proof, and marine rated for wet environments. Power is provided by two cords equipped with straight blade plugs to allow independent operation of each lamp, making this unit ideal for fuel depots where stop and go indicators are necessary. The traffic light can be configured to work on 120 V or 240 V AC for use with standard line voltages or 12/24 V DC for low voltage operation. Mounting is provided by a heavy gauge aluminum base with predrilled holes designed to be bolted to walls and flat surfaces for permanent and secure attachment.