Dual radio transceiver for Car-to-X applications

June 12, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With the second product for its RoadLink family of after the SAF10x baseband chip, NXP continues to populate the market for Car-t-X products. The TEF510x dual radio multi band RF transceiver provides OEMs and tier ones with a 802.11p modem that supports global deployments and multiple system configurations.

The TEF510x meets Japanese 760Mz C2X requirements, US and European (5.9GHz) as well as Wi-Fi and DSRC (5.8GHz) specifications. It will be released for automotive production in 2015 and is expected to be available to consumers in 2016.

Together with the SAF510x baseband processor jointly developed by NXP and its Car2X technology partner Cohda Wireless, the RoadLink TEF510x takes C2X communications to the next level by bringing safety-critical information to the driver significantly faster than current, conventional applications can.

Key Features of the TEF510x include:

  1. RF-Transceiver for global C2X standards, covering Europe, US and Japan, as well as DSRC and Wi-Fi (802.11abgn) standards;
  2. Support for various antenna configurations and diversity schemes;
  3. Together with SAF510x enabling Best-in-class 802.11p reception performance and communication range for mobility use cases even in non-line-of-sight conditions;
  4. AEC-Q100 qualification scheduled for 2015.

NXP named Japanese component manufacturer ALPS Electric as an early adopter of the RoadLink platform. As part of its commitment to deliver connected car technology, ALPS chose the NXP/Cohda tandem for its application-ready C2X solution,

For more information visit http://www.nxp.com/connected-mobility


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