Duo of driver chip and IGBT gate drivers target HEV powertrain

May 22, 2013 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Designed for the main inverter of hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV), Infineon's next generation of high-voltage IGBT gate drivers enable automotive system suppliers to design HEV drivetrain subsystems that are compliant with ASIL C/D functional safety requirements (ISO 26262) at lower cost.

Target applications of the new EiceDRIVERs are HEV inverters of up to 120kW using 400V, 600V and 1200V IGBTs. The AECQ100 qualified EiceDRIVER SIL and EiceDRIVER Boost are designed to drive and control IGBTs in an automotive inverter. They provide galvanic isolation, bidirectional signal transmission, active short-circuit support and optimized IGBT switching capabilities. Implemented as a chipset, the two devices can save of up to 20 % of the PCB area in the HEV subsystem compared to today's solutions. Also, the features implemented in the EiceDRIVER SIL and EiceDRIVER Boost reduce overall system level costs as they eliminate up to 60 discrete components needed in today’s solutions.

The EiceDRIVER SIL is a high-voltage IGBT gate driver designed for automotive motor drives up to 120kW. EiceDRIVER SIL is based on Infineon's Coreless Transformer technology, providing galvanic isolation between low-voltage and high-voltage domains. The EiceDRIVER SIL features a standard SPI interface for control and diagnosis, with transmission speed up to 2 Mbaud. A large spectrum of safety-related functions is implemented to support functional safety requirements at system level. These include over-current monitoring, runtime monitoring of all power supplies, oscillators, gate signals and output stage. A verification mode allows system-level diagnosis including error injection and weak turn-on. On the high-voltage side the EiceDRIVER SIL is dimensioned to drive an external booster stage. It comes in a PG-DSO-36 package. 

The EiceDRIVER Boost is a single-channel IGBT booster fully compatible with the EiceDRIVER SIL. It is based on high-performance bipolar technology and replaces buffer stages based on discrete devices. Because of its thermally optimized exposed pad package, the EiceDRIVER Boost is able to drive and sink peak currents up to 15A. This makes it suitable for most inverter systems in automotive applications. It features support for active short-circuits and for active clamping. The EiceDRIVER Boost is delivered in an exposed pad PG-DSO-14 package. 
Both products can be used together with the Infineon HybridPACK IGBT