Durr Assembly Products show multifunction automotive test stand

May 03, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
At the upcoming Automotive Testing Expo, Dürr Assembly Products will present its new, standardised x-road multifunction rolling road provides automotive developers you with a future-oriented test stand design that simultaneously allows users to economically carry out the most varied function tests on a wide range of automobiles.

X-road is comprised mainly of rollers for mounting the vehicle´s wheels. The rollers are connected to a three-phase motor. The motors are driven individually by a frequency inverter, either as a motor (driving) or as a generator (braking). Surplus energy is fed back to the mains network. These characteristics offer a wide range of advantages in comparison of classical roller/brake/ABS test stands.

The multifunctional test stand can be delivered with double roller (x-road-dr) or apex roller (x-road-sr) depending on individual testing tasks.

Test stand x-brake with one or two axles is available for simple brake/ABS testing. The system can be used for general function test of the vehicle in the dynamic test operation, automatic and manual gear function tests and tests of the vehicle's brake system. Its functionality includes tests or parameterization of electronic control systems, accelerating and decelerating tests under road similar conditions, sensor tests within the vehicle and test of speed pre-selection.

According to the vendor, the test stand offers improved quality by higher accuracy and more detailed testing and realistic road driving simulation. Test sequences are more flexible now, resulting in reduced cycle times. The test stand's simple and modular structure ensures high availability, the company promises.

For more information, please visit http://www.durr-ap.com/