E-Racer breaks acceleration record

June 24, 2016 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With their electric racing car “Grimsel”, students from the ETH Zurich and Luzern universities set a new world record for electric vehicles: The Grimsel accelerated in just 1.513 seconds and less than 30 meters (100 ft) to a speed of 100 kmph (60 mph).

The world record drive was performed at the Dübendorf military airfield near Zurich (Switzerland). The previous holder of the record was a team of students of the Stuttgart University; with their Formula Student vehicle they achieved an acceleration of 1.779 seconds.


The Grimsel is, again, a vehicle designed according to the Formula Student rules. Thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber materials, the Grimsel has a weight of just 168 kg. For the propulsion, the car has four wheel hub motors. These motors, designed and built by the student team, unfold a torque of 1700 Newton meters (Nm) and a performance of 200 horsepower. The electronic traction control system sets the power level individually for each wheel, which leads to even higher acceleration. No series vehicle in the world, including those with internal combustion engine, reaches a comparable acceleration, the team highlights.


The current success, though, is not Grimsel’s first one. The vehicle – albeit with different control algorithms and probably with different motors – has already won several Formula Student races. With three victories and an average of 920 of 1000 possible points, Grimsel is the most successful vehicle of the Zurich student team.