E/E design tool takes care of commercial vehicles

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The latest version of Vector Informatik’s automotive E/E development PREEvision tool takes a new, growing clientele into account: Electronics developers for commercial vehicles who intent to adhere to the Autosar software standard. PREEvision 7.5 provides users with expanded Autosar support and the ability to develop network communication for commercial vehicles according to SAE J1939.

When designing CAN FD networks according to SAE J1939, users will benefit from the simplified model-based E/E development for commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, and construction and farm machinery. The J1939-based ISO Standard 11783 (ISOBUS) for communication between, for example, a tractor and its add-on equipment is supported. Project partners can easily exchange data during development using the associated import and export functions for DBC and Autosar.


PREEvision 7.5 provides expanded Autosar support. The import and export portfolio has been expanded to include Autosar 4.2.1. In addition, communication descriptions for CAN FD can be exported in Autosar format. The new release also supports the Autosar Admin Data and SDG concepts.


For processing large data quantities, the current release has the "Reload" function that allows users to describes and use the data relevant to them faster and more efficiently. The newly implemented change history supports collaboration in distributed teams. With change marking, users can reliably recognize all changes in the model. This enables quick and reliable evaluation of work on the data and tracking of the project's progress.


The efficiency gain from the use of PREEvision results from the consistent and integrated modeling of E/E systems. This begins with the definition of requirements and customer functions and continues with the logical architecture level and the hardware and software level including Autosar support and culminates with development of the wiring harness.


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