Electric bike overcomes design limits of pedelecs

February 19, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Faster and much higher acceleration than e-bikes and pedelecs is the "eRockit", an innovative development of the Berlin-based startup company eRockit GmbH. In contrast to e-bikes and pedelecs, the 2-wheeler reaches a speed of up to 80 kmph. With its drivetrain technology, the vehicle establishes a new vehicle category - something between e-bikes and real motorbikes.

While in pedelecs the driver's pedalling force is used to drive the vehicle forward and the electric motor has just a supporting function, the eRockit senses the pedalling force and converts it to a signal that controls the motor. Thus, the motor becomes the sole driver of the vehicle and can unfold its power like in a motorbike. The vehicle is equipped with a 9 kW DC brush motor. The drawback is that, in contrast to a pedelec, the eRockit cannot be driven by muscular power if the battery is empty. Plus, it requires a drivers license and has to be registered.

More information: www.erockit.net

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