Electronic horizon takes centre stage at Continental's CES exhibit

December 11, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
At the forthcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, automotive supplier Continental will highlight what it calls the next step of evolution of its eHorizon platform. At the show, Continental will highlight the prediction capability of the platform, enabling it to act as the information hub for many automotive functions from powertrain optimisation to automated driving.

eHorizon is Continental's concept of exploiting topographical and traffic-related information for the control of systems in the vehicle that control the longitudinal dynamics, i.e. speed. For instance, the motor controller reduces the fuel intake already in expectation of an imminent downward slope, a red traffic light or a traffic congestion it has become aware of through V2V communications. This kind of forward-thinking driving style helps reducing fuel consumption and thus CO2 emission. A current version of the eHorizon software is implemented in Scania trucks; the system helped to reduce the fuel consumption of the Scania fleet by a total of 63 million litres of diesel fuel since 2012, estimates Continental.

At CES 2015, Continental will demonstrate the next step of eHorizon evolution, achieved in collaboration with IBM and Nokia subsidiary HERE which is dedicated to creating digital maps. The connection with what Continental calls "Location Cloud" - a cloud containing topographical data - and real-time traffic data keeps the navigation map current, taking into account dynamic events like weather, accidents or traffic congestions. The topographical data are provided by HERE whereas IBM contributes the Connected Car Cloud Analytics. "Through the data from the cloud, eHorizon transforms the conventional navigational map into a highly precise, continuously updated information platform that can be utilised for much more than just finding the right way," explained Helmut Matschi, who as general manager of Continental's Division Interior oversees the development of eHorizon. "This increases safety, fuel efficiency and driving comfort in passenger cars and trucks alike."

At CES, Continental's exhibits will be centred on the eHorizon, highlighting how other electronics components of the vehicle like displays, access technologies, connectivity, infotainment, driver assistance systems and powertrain management can benefit from the vehicle's connection to the cloud.

Driver assistance systems as well as actuators like brake or steering can be prepared to react to imminent traffic situations even before the vehicle's sensors or the driver become aware