Elektrobit contributes functional safety module to Udacity training program

June 13, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
In a move to intensify and deepen its collaboration with the commercial educational organization Udacity, embedded software vendor Elektrobit (EB) has developed a learning module focusing on functional safety. The module will be a part of Udacity’s Self Driving Car Engineer training program.

With functional safety regarded as crucial for the success of self-driving cars, expertise in this area is a decisive basis for engineers in this field. The program developed by Elektrobit consists of six units, in which participants will gain an understanding of the most important principles of functional safety and will learn different approaches for automotive software and hardware. The lessons cover systems engineering, the ISO 26262 standard, technical considerations for functional safety, approaches to risk and risk analysis, the role of functional security in software development and system design and the importance of functional safety in existing systems and why in self-driving cars it becomes even more important.

The contents for the learning module were jointly defined by EB and Udacity. The company brings its decades of experience with embedded and networked software solutions, which are crucial for the development of self-propelled vehicles. This includes topics such as sensor data fusion, functional safety and autonomous driving technologies.