Elektrobit increases Autosar R&D resources

April 19, 2016 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Software vendor Elektrobit (EB) is launching two new international development branch offices in Timisoara (Romania) and Bangalore (India), creating a total of some 80 additional jobs. With these additional resources, the company plans to expand development of its ECU control software Tresos as well as the next generation of Autosar, the automotive software framework.

In particular, the new branch offices will focus on Autosar software, tooling and services. Tresos is already installed in millions of cars worldwide and is considered one of the industry’s leading solutions in this part of the market. For the future, EB’s customers in the automotive industry are demanding more sophisticated solutions for automated driving and the connected car. Towards this end, EB is holding out the prospect of improving Autosar through Adaptive Autosar, a future-oriented approach for higher performance, reliability and flexibility required by state-of-the-art ECUs and Domain Controllers, the company said.


The company also said that the expansion in Timisoara and Bangalore is part of EB’s strategy to establish a global network of specialized design offices that are distributed over multiple countries and servicing different customers each.


About a year ago, the automotive-related activities of former Elektrobit group have been acquired by automotive supplier Continental AG. Since then, Elektrobit is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Continental; however it acts independently at the market.


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