Elektrobit opens another automotive software R&D facility in Finland

August 20, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With the launch of a new software development laboratory in Oulu, Finnish electronics company Elektrobit responds to the rising demand for automotive software. The branch unit offers jobs for some 40 software engineers with focus on automotive embedded software, the company said.

Elektrobit's Automotive Business segment has been growing steadily over the past decade. Currently, the largest Elektrobit branch employs more than 1100 persons in Germany, France, Austria, Romania, USA, China and Japan. In addition, Elektrobit runs a joint venture with carmaker Audi, e.solutions GmbH. This joint venture focuses on infotainment-related software. The new development lab is located in Oulou's technology park Teknologiakylä Oulu where also EB's Wireless Business Segment is located.

"Software and electronics in cars are the most powerful innovation drivers in the automotive industry", said Alexander Kocher, President, Elektrobit Automotive Business Segment. "Functions such as driver assistance systems, Connected Services and integration of mobile terminals into infotainment systems are important as differentiators at the market." He added that Oulu is the ideal location for the new facilities because in that region there is a huge potential of qualified workforce.

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