Elektrobit widens Electronic Horizon

June 05, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Software vendor EB (Elektrobit) has added new functions to its EB Assist Electronic Horizon Solution. For OEMs and suppliers, this added functionality translates into more flexibility when developing predictive driver assistance systems: They now can use can use digital map information across car lines and model configurations, without the need for having an active navigation system.

EB's electronic horizon is a key element for developing predictive driver assistance systems, providing essential map data for features such as night vision, curve speed warning and traffic sign detection or range determination for e-cars. The information generated by the Electronic Horizon is crucial in the development of for predictive driving features.

EB's electronic horizon solution combines both navigation software and driver assistance systems software, thus offering a seamless experience from one single source. Offering particularly accurate road geometry data - the same precision as the survey data used by highway engineers - the electronic horizon enables the implementation of comfort and safety oriented functions such as predictive curve lighting and range determination. EB's Electronic Horizon also delivers these data both to EB's own driver assistance software development environment and to a wide range of other driver assistance platforms from various suppliers. They also can be visualized on EB's driver assistance testing tool, the EB Assist Car Data Recorder.

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