Elmos equips signal readout chip with SENT interface

July 12, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The E520.33 sensor signal readout IC has a SENT interface. According to chip vendor Elmos AG, this feature makes the device suited for next-generation automotive control units. The E520.33 is automotive qualified according to AEC-Q100 and supports almost any resistive sensor bridge circuit.

The sensor signal readout unit is programmable and offers a number of functions, including sensor signal gain, digital compensation and linearization of sensor signals, sensors diagnosis and self-diagnosis. Configuration and calibration data are stored in an on-board EEPROM.

The device targets application associated with piezo-resistive MEMS, thin and thick-film sensors on ceramic or steel substrates and strain gauge sensors. Measurands include pressure, strain, force and torque. Against this background the sensor can be used in HVAC, brake, emission control as well as tank level applications.

The programmable amplifier integrated in the E520.33 accepts input signal voltages between 3mV and 400mV. In addition, it can compensate a sensor offset of +/- 250% Full Scale. The device offers a separate temperature measurement channel with four sensor options: on-chip, bridge resistance, external diode and external resistance. This arrangement makes it possible to access all possible sources for temperature data acquisition and acquire the temperature data continuously and independently of the pressure measurement.

The SENT interface complies with SAE J2716 draft rev. 3. The device is obtainable as bare chip as well as in a TSSOP20 4.4 package. Specimen and evaluation boards are available.

For more information, contact sales@elmos.de.