Elmos signs distribution agreement with MSC

November 22, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Elmos Semiconductor has transferred its distribution rights for its network devices, analog and power ICs, MEMS-based sensor products and mixed signal ASICs to MSC Vertriebs GmbH.

The cooperation between the chipmaker and the distributor will focus on marketing of Elmos' DC/DC converters, network devices and motor control ICs for industrial and automotive applications. Elmos, an automotive electronics specialist, sees good opportunities to strengthen its distribution business in the medium-term through innovative technologies for gesture recognition such as Halios and drive of EC motor control VirtuHall. Halios is a proximity detection system which optically detects gestures at a distance of up to three meters. VirtuHall is a process for sensorless detection of the rotor position of brushless DC motors. The products spectrum to be sold through MSC includes transceivers for FlexRay and LIN, step-down converters, LED drivers, DC/DC converters, motor control ICs, optical sensor devices, pressure sensors and sun angle sensors as well as customer specific solutions such as mixed-signal ASICs and complete microsystems consisting of sensors, evaluation electronics and special housings. MSCs non-exclusive franchise covers all European countries.

Until recently, MSC sister company Gleichmann Electronics acted as a distributor for ELMOS. The change to MSC is a consequence of of Gleichmann's realignment towards a Display Solutions Company.