From EMC to Radar: R&S highlights T&M solutions at Automotive Test Expo

Today's connected cars include an increasing number of communications applications, including wireless applications for infotainment, driver assistance systems, emergency and intelligent transport systems and interfaces for embedded systems. At the upcoming Automotive Testing Expo 2016 trade fair in Stuttgart, Rohde & Schwarz will be presenting its solutions that help automotive electronics design engineers to get their challenging jobs done.

For sophisticated EMC certification and development measurements, Rohde & Schwarz presents the new R&S ESW EMI test receiver. The test receiver offers the widest dynamic range and highest level accuracy on the market. It can be used to conduct certification tests in line with all relevant commercial and military standards such as CISPR, EN, FCC and MIL. It is also suited for performing EMC tests in the automotive industry in line with internal company standards. It is very fast thanks to the integrated FFT-based TD scan and two parallel CISPR detectors. With the switchable notch filters for the license-free 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz ISM bands, the R&S ESW also provides EMC measurements for high carrier signals. Optional realtime spectrum analysis with its persistence mode and frequency mask trigger enables users to identify hidden or superimposed disturbances and analyze their causes.


For testing driver assistance systems, Rohde & Schwarz will showcase its R&S FSW85 high-end signal and spectrum analyzer, including the analysis option for FMCW chirp signals. The instrument is designed for analyzing automotive radar sensors designed for 24 GHz and 79 GHz the frequency bands. The FSW85 is the only instrument on the market that can cover the frequency range from 2 Hz to 85 GHz in a single sweep. Its optional analysis bandwidth of up to 2 GHz makes it possible to demodulate and thoroughly analyze even extremely broadband signals.


The ARTS9510 radar target simulator complements the signal analyzer. It will be on display at the trade fair in a T&M solution optimized for production tests on automotive radar sensors. The system consists of the ARTS9510, the R&S TS7124 RF shielded box and the R&S NRP8S power sensor. On an automated production line, this system can be used to measure a radar sensor's most important RF parameters and maximum power leakage. The system is so compact that it fits in a 19" cabinet.


Since wireless communications modules are becoming increasingly common in cars, the automotive industry is also faced