Escrypt takeover bolsters ETAS' standing in safety and security applications

August 27, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
After having received clearance from antitrust authorities, automotive embedded systems engineering ETAS GmbH has taken over security expert company Escrypt GmbH (Bochum, Germany). The move enables ETAS to expand its activities in the market for safety and security engineering services.

According to an ETAS release, Escrypt will be continued an independent business unit. Also the long-standing Escrypt top managers Thomas Wollinger, Jan Pelzl and André Weimerskirch will remain at the company's command bridge. Escrypt will expand its services portfolio of vertical solutions and systems. Among other activities, this portfolio embraces pre-analysis, concepts, systems, design, specification development, prototype design, and product design for embedded safety and security solutions as well as safety analysis, evaluation and certification support for safety-relevant systems. The activities include all relevant aspects of functional safety.

Escrypt's solutions are deployed in the automotive industry in the first place, but also in many other industries including medical, semiconductor, and machine tools industries as well as in general IT. "The systems are increasingly internetworked. For this reason, the demand for safe and secure applications is increasing", said ETAS top manager Friedhelm Pickard. "Escrypt has the technologies and the expertise required to develop such solutions."

Besides its main seat in Bochum, Escrypt runs subsidiaries in Munich, Wolfsburg, Berlin, and Ann Arbor (USA).