Ethernet AVB comes in complete package

June 17, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Green Hills Software and Symphony Teleca Corp collaborate to integrate Symphony Teleca’s Ethernet Audio Video Bridging (Ethernet AVB) solution with Green Hills Software’s safe and secure Integrity real time operating system (RTOS) and its Integrity Multivisor technology.

The combination of these companies' solutions provides automotive OEMs and Tier1s a fast and low risk track to Ethernet AVB solutions, the companies promise. In addition, it tackles the challenging requirement for security, availability and scalability for this network service.

Besides being available as a stand-alone integration based on the native Integrity RTOS, the Symphony Teleca’s Ethernet AVB solution will be fully integrated with the Integrity Multivisor virtualization platform in order to allow the secure delivery and communication of Ethernet AVB messages to native Integrity applications and/or to a high-level guest operating system (HLOS) such as Linux and/or Android.

The solution provides a scalable, robust and secure in-vehicle network that helps automotive customers tackle the cost and complexity challenges involved in delivering next-generation in-vehicle-infotainment solutions. The company delivers a complete solution for silicon vendors who want to provide Ethernet AVB capable chipsets, automotive OEMs who consider Ethernet AVB based networks or automotive Tier1 suppliers who plan to provide Ethernet AVB capable ECUs or components.

Key highlights of the Green Hills - Symphony Teleca solution are:

  • Full compliance with the current AVnu Automotive Requirements Document
  • Endpoint implementation for IEEE 802.1AS, 802.1Qav, IEEE 802.1Qat, IEEE 802.1ba, IEEE 1722
  • Supports 61884–4 (MPEG2-TS), 1722a MJPEG AVTP Mapping (Other formats to be supported later)
  • Small footprint, high performance, proven security, when delivered on native Integrity
  • HLOS-independent, secure, reliable Ethernet AVB access, when delivered on Integrity Multivisor technology
  • Adaptable for all major silicon vendors

Green Hills Software’s flagship run-time offering is the Integrity RTOS.The company's Integrity Multivisor technology is a virtualization solution built upon a security-certified separation kernel technology, Integrity RTOS, that provides assured isolation between system services, guest operating systems and system devices while also providing a native, open-standard execution environment for critical applications, such as security functionality and fast-boot real-time applications.