Ethernet-based communications for motor vehicles support the OPEN Alliance SIG

August 27, 2012 // By Julien Happich
A new member of the OPEN Alliance SIG (One Pair EtherNet Alliance Special Interest Group), Vector Informatik has launched BroadR-Reach, an Ethernet-based communications technology for motor vehicles.

In the OPEN Alliance SIG, OEMs, suppliers and tool producers coordinate specifications and examine practical applications of the new technology. Vector customers will already have practical tools available for developing, testing and calibrating BroadR-Reach networks and ECUs during the introduction of BroadR-Reach. In addition, Vector is currently developing a bus interface that supports BroadR-Reach as well as Ethernet and CAN. The interface will be available in 4th quarter 2012 and can be used as both a media converter and an interface.

Carmakers want to use Ethernet in the automobile to enable new potential applications and simplify current applications. The first practical application will be a camera-based driver assistance system (Surround View System). Ethernet can be used for data exchange between ECUs at speeds of up to 100 MBit second. The Ethernet derivative BroadR-Reach, which was specially developed for the automotive industry, is used for this purpose. It is based on an unshielded twisted pair cable that makes it cost-effective, and it is easy to install in the vehicle.

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