European R&D project extends MILS technologies into the cloud

September 26, 2013 // By Nick Flaherty
A group of European manufacturers, universities and technology developers is working on an R&D project to extend security and separation technologies for distributed critical systems, the Internet of Things and cloud computing.

The €3.8m European D-MILS (distributed multiple independent levels of security) project aims to to develop a scalable architecture that automates the verification of critical distributed systems and substantially increases system dependability. This supplier-independent architecture will incorporate newly designed components that provide added predictability and reliability essential for critical distributed applications, along with new tools delivering improvements in developer productivity, system verification costs, and lower costs for maintenance.
MILS uses individually developed and assured components to predict and assure the properties of composite systems, which reduces the cost and time for development, certification, and maintenance of dependable systems. The Distributed MILS technologies being developed in the D-MILS project will make it possible to automate and substantially lower the certification costs for complex critical applications that operate across multiple systems in domains such as automotive and aerospace, as well as emerging domains such as cloud computing, IoT and 'big data' analytics.
Coordinated by The Open Group, the D-MILS consortium includes Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Université Joseph Fourier, RWTH Aachen University and University of York, each of which are renowned centers for research in technologies for security and dependability; leading suppliers of technologies for developing dependable systems LynuxWorks and TTTech; and suppliers of solutions for industry Frequentis and fortiss, both leading European providers of secure and dependable systems for automotive, manufacturing, and aerospace systems. The Open Group is directing the advanced research in the new technologies and tools that will enable MILS to be exploited for critical distributed systems applications where high levels of assurance and reliability are required by industry.
“The D-MILS project brings together experts addressing each of the technologies required for creating a distributed architecture that is predictable, dependable and fully certifiable for complex critical applications,” said David Lounsbury, Chief Technical Officer of The Open Group. “We’re confident the Distributed MILS Architecture will enable new applications to be developed that address the increasing complexities and distributed nature of critical systems in