FMEA-compliant DC/DC regulator operates at high temperatures

July 06, 2016 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The LTM8003 from Linear Technology is a step-down DC/DC µModule regulator with a 40V input voltage rating and 3.5A of continuous output current. The LTM8003’s pinout is failure mode effects analysis (FMEA) compliant, so the output voltage stays at or below the regulation voltage in the event of short-circuit to GND, short-circuit to a neighboring pin or if a pin is left floating. The maximum junction temperature of the H-grade version is 150℃, ideal for high temperature or high power automotive and industrial applications.

The LTM8003 operates from an input voltage range of 3.4V to 40V and has an adjustable output voltage range of 0.97V to 18V. The switching frequency is adjustable via an external resistor or can be synchronized to an external clock from 200kHz to 3MHz.


The LTM8003 has four operation modes: Burst Mode operation, pulse skip mode, pulse skip mode with spread spectrum and external synch mode. The quiescent current in Burst Mode operation is 25µA (max), so the LTM8003 is well suited for battery operated systems, specifically “keep alive” systems.


The efficiency at 12V IN to 3.3V OUT is 90% and the LTM8003 delivers 3.5A of output current up to 100℃ ambient without a heat sink or airflow.


The LTM8003 includes a switching regulator, inductor and other supporting components in a 6.25mm x 9mm x 3.32mm BGA package. Only the bulk input and output capacitors and a few resistors are required to complete the design.

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