Freescale 16-bit microcontroller aims at body applications

June 24, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With the S12VR64, Freescale Semiconductor has introduced the first single-chip implementation within its S12 MagniV mixed-signal microcontroller product line. Designed for applications in the automotive body such as driving DC motors in power windows and sunroofs, the chip supports LIN bus connectivity.

The S12VR64 is based on Freescale's revolutionary LL18UHV technology which enables engineers to extensively integrate analog functions on the MCU chip. Thus, automotive designers can connect the MCU directly to signals with relatively high-voltage or to the battery, significantly reducing the complexity and increasing the quality of their designs. At the same time, this approach results in more compact designs.

In the past, electronics applications in vehicles required multiple components. Some of them needed to be manufactured in a high-voltage process in order to connect them to the batteries or to actuators. The actual MCU however was manufactured in a low-voltage process for digital logic. This approach used to create problems whenever the application had to fit into a narrow space. The S12VR64 now combines the functionality of a number of different components within one chip, including relay drivers used to control electric motors, and LIN PHY interface, voltage regulator was well as high-side and low-side drivers.

This degree of integration can be achieved by means of Freescale's LL18UHV technology based on a proven 0.18µ process, and 40V analog components, non-volatile data storage and digital logic in one semiconductor device. This results in a cost-effective, compact solution. Hitherto, such solutions required up to four ICs. Less components translate into higher quality and more compactness, enabling designers to reduce overall vehicle weight.

Since the S12VR64 mixed signal MCU is based on the proven S12 16-bit microprocessor family, the software is compatible with the applications written for the S12 world and developers have access to a broad range of tools.

The new product family includes

  • the new S12VR64 mixed-signal MCU, based on the LL18UHV technology. The single-chip device embraces high-voltage analog functions, non-volatile RAM, and digital logic;
  • existing SiP (System-in-Package) solutions such as MM912F634, MM912G634, and MM912H634. These devices contain two chips in one package. Functionally, they integrate S12 MCU devices and analog SMARTMOS circuits. Both devices are manufactured in different process