Freescale expands analog LIN PHY portfolio

September 15, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Chipmaker Freescale has announced a product family of LIN PHY devices. With low noise, high electromagnetic immunity and best-of-class EMI and ESD behavior, the devices help to improve network-oriented communication in automotive body applications.

The MC33662 product family is compliant with the latest versions LIN 2.1 and J2602-2 of the LIN standard which recently have been approved by major OEMs. LIN (Local Interconnect Network) is a low-end networking technology widely used in the automotive industry.

OEMs benefit from improved in-car networking since the new devices help to reduce costs and offer higher flexibility in comparison to existing solutions. The latest product in Freescale's constantly growing transceiver portfolio is a self-sustained LIN Physical Layer component which assures compliance with the relevant LIN standards in the automotive industry. The device is well suited for applications including coolant pump, rear window wiper, air conditioning, remote control, position sensors, seat position memories, power windows as well as sun roofs. Thanks to improved models at the transistor level and better simulation exactness, the signal integrity is excellent across the entire relevant spectrum.

Noise emission is 15 dBµv lower compared to industry standard solutions. Other features include high ESD protection - the MC33662 resists voltages of more than 15kV when the device is not powered and 10kV when the chip is powered.

The devices are manufactured using Freescale's SMARTMOS technology, which has been designed for cost effective monolithic integration of analog power and logic circuitry. The chips feature an innovative signal shaping technology which assures excellent EMI behaviour and very low noise. In addition, wake-up and watchdog timers are integrated. The chip also offers several levels of power-saving modes such as standby, sleep and stop.

The MC33662 product family is pin compatible with existing industry standard LIN bus drivers. Design kits are available. Further information can be found at