Frost & Sullivan expects 6 million automated vehicles by 2025

October 29, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
In today's stressful road traffic, it is only natural that drivers seek ways to reduce workload and, if possible, execute more productive tasks while commuting or stuck in stop-and-go traffic. OEMs in the automotive space thus are trying to offer autopilot mode and similar ways of relief to the drivers of their cars. But business models for automated cars will vary greatly by the background of the vendor.

Automakers understand however, that drivers will only require a temporary relief from driving tasks, and are designing cars that are either semi- or highly-automated. Their primary business model is, according to Frost & Sullivan, built around car-ownership and providing the driver with increased comfort features.

The market research company believes that BMW and Mercedes-Benz will be the first to launch semi-automated vehicles in 2014 and expects close to six million semi- & highly-automated vehicles in Europe and North America by 2025, with a fairly equal split. Google is expected to go ahead with an Android-like hardware-agnostic automation module, reaching out a much higher fraction of existing car users, offering the unit as a retrofit.

"Future non-native automotive participants like Google are looking at the needs of future mobility models, which will be based on a user-ship model whereby users hop-on and hop-off into a connected-environment-on-wheels, driven by robotic controls built into the vehicle and providing them end-to-end mobility solutions,” said Prana T. Natarajan, Commercial Manager – Intelligent Mobility & Future Transport Technologies for Frost & Sullivan. “This will give drivers the opportunity to spend their commuting time with other activities, such as planning their day or browsing the internet.”

Frost & Sullivan has announced to organise a complimentary web conference, entitled The Future of Autonomous Driving, which will cover these issues. To participate in this conference, email Katja Feick at