Fujitsu Ten and Valeo join forces for automotive safety systems

November 19, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Aiming at jointly developing sensing technologies to detect obstacles in a car's path, French automotive supplier Valeo and Japanese technology company Fujitsu Ten have signed a collaboration agreement. Towards this end, the companies will utilize Valeo's front camera and Funjitsu Ten's millimetre wave radar.

The combination of these two technologies will enable the design of a sensor which can detect pedestrians, bicycles and other traffic participants in the surrounding of the vehicle. In the past, such systems suffered from poor object identification or reaction times too slow to really avoid accidents. However, Swedish carmaker recently aired reports of good results with sensors based on a combination of image processing and radar.

The Fujitsu Ten / Valeo system will trigger an automatic brake application down to a speed of zero kph. It is intended to equip vehicles with multiple sensors to maximize safety in all directions of the vehicle.

Merging the properties of millimetre wave radar and image processing, the two partners said they intend to develop a highly accurate an reliable sensing technology unaffected by environmental conditions such as weather, illumination or haze. Millimetre wave radar is adept at identifying relative distance and detecting objects while the camera in connection with a downstream image analysing software can identify the type of the obstacle.

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