German company wins bid to crash cars in China

September 02, 2014 // By Julien Happich
Numerous developments in the area of vehicle safety are significantly influenced as a result of current NCAP or NHTSA regulations and then realized and implemented by manufacturers and their suppliers.

The situation in China is similar, only that it's not the rules and guidelines of the different associations but several state authorities are responsible for testing and the development of new protocols.

The China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd (CAERI) was founded in 1965 and is responsible for all tests involving vehicle models (motorcycles, cars, buses, and trucks). A further business segment is the provision of its state-of-the-art crash-test facilities for domestic automobile manufacturers and suppliers.

Following an open tender for the gigantic crash-test facility and productive negotiations in February 2010, CAERI decided to commission the specialists from German company Messring Systembau MSG GmbH with the realization of the project in Chongqing.

The company is to build a testing center in which virtually all globally recognized automobile certification tests can be performed, including all necessary test and sensor systems.

By its scale, the project in Chongqing is unique. The building containing the crash-test facility has a gross floor space of 25,000 m2, with an acceleration track for automobile tests 294 meters long (200m of which is roofed).

A second, variable-angle, oblique impact track has been installed to allows any angle of incidence adjustments to the main acceleration track. This permits the simulation of a broad spectrum of collision scenarios involving two vehicles.