GPS receiver with high update rate for automotive tests

October 24, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
IPSpeed is a robust GPS receiver which updates location information with a high rate of 20 Hz. The device, designed for use in automotive driving tests, feeds its data into a CAN bus, enabling flexible applications with a broad range of measurement gear.

Driving trials with car prototypes frequently require that not only the speed is recorded constantly but also the track. Besides optical sensors which determine the vehicle speed over the road surface, GPS systems are also frequently used for this purpose. Standard GPS devices which are updated just two times per second do not provide the accuracy requested for these trials. This holds true in particular in driving manoeuvres with frequent speed changes associated to braking and accelerating.

With IPEspeed, automotive test equipment expert company IPEtronik offers a GPS receiver that through its high update rate of 20Hz can be used for continuous location determination as well as for speed measurements. The module determines geographical longitude and latitude as well as the altitude above sea level, the number of satellites received, speed, date and time. These data are fed continuously to the CAN bus according to ISO 11898-2 with baud rates of up t 1Mbit/s. The product comes in a case that meets protection level IP54. Supply voltage is anything between 9VDC and 36VDC. LEDs indicate operating stati such as power on, standby, active GPS positioning and CAN bus data transfer.

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