Green Hills enhances automotive platform, supports Freescale Qorivva

July 04, 2011 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Green Hills Software has enhanced its automotive platform. The company has introduced processor trace probe update, improved the performance and memory footprint of its MULTI compiler performance and it has improved the support for Freescale Semiconductor’s Qorivva family of automotive microcontrollers by its Integrity real-time operating system.

Today's automotive electronic control units (ECUs) are powered by sophisticated microcontrollers with numerous specialized processing elements that must be carefully optimized together to achieve the aggressive performance and reliability design goals set in place by the automotive OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers. Developers require a correspondingly powerful set of development tools with highly reliable target software solutions to address these challenges. The combination of Qorivva automotive microcontrollers and Wind River's Integrity RTOS can improve reliability, performance, and debug capabilities to the lineup of these microcontrollers, the company said.

The Green Hills SuperTrace Probe v3 recently received an upgrade that expands its support for the broad range of Qorivva microcontrollers by delivering 4GB of trace memory collection capability to this processor family with an option to upgrade to up to 8GB of memory. A new trace adapter supporting 5-volt interfaces has also been developed and is now available for the Qorivva family. With 4GB of non-intrusive trace memory collected through the Nexus Class 3 interface, SuperTrace Probe v3 can record long application execution histories, making it easier to catch bugs that were previously difficult to find. Coupled with the Green Hills advanced TimeMachine back-in-time debugger, users are able to observe significant events, such as a boot from reset of an RTOS and task startup.

In addition to MULTI development suite and trace probe, Green Hills has also ported its Integrity real-time operating system to the MPC5688G Qorivva microcontroller. The RTOS and applications can be built with variable length encoding (VLE) by Green Hills optimizing compilers, enabling on average a 20% code size reduction. Full VLE support for debugging has been added to MULTI to support run-mode, stop-mode, and OS-aware debugging. The Integrity board support package (BSP) includes support for serial, I2C, SPI, and CAN.