Green Hills OS support for Renesas’ R-Car automotive platform

September 10, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
GHS has applied its Integrity RTOS for the Renesas platform, targeting digital clusters, infotainment systems and advanced driver assist (ADAS) vision and sensor fusion systems

Green Hills Software has announced a family of solutions for the Renesas ARM Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 based R-Car platform, based around its Integrity real time operating system (RTOS) and Integrity Multivisor secure hypervisor, including support for the revolutionary new R-Car V2H ADAS platform recently announced by Renesas Electronics .

Green Hills has worked with Renesas to create an ' Integrity for R-Car' support package that includes support for all of the major features of the R-Car processors. The supported high-performance OpenGL ES 3D graphics processor enables digital cluster and infotainment solutions with very high graphics quality.

The Integrity Multivisor uses the ARM virtualisation extensions available on the Renesas R-Car devices to enable one of the highest-available-performance multi-domain infotainment and safety-critical execution environments for next-generation automotive designs. Integrity Multivisor is positioned as the only virtualisation solution built upon safety-certified separation kernel technology that provides highly assured isolation between the instrument cluster, ADAS, rear-view camera, and other safety-critical automotive subsystems functions while simultaneously and safely hosting popular infotainment operating systems such as Linux and Android, on the same single multicore Renesas R-Car device. This next-generation automotive ECU consolidation architecture also enables OEMs and Tier 1s to reduce design/integration complexity and time-to-market while delivering the core foundation for the vehicle software-defined cockpit.

The on-chip image recognition and image processing using Image Processor (IMP) and Image Renderer (IMR) peripherals of the Renesas R-Car devices, together with the full complement of drivers for hardware accelerated image decoders and video signal processors, is a key requirement for high-performance safety-focused ADAS vision solutions. The fast and precise Green Hills Ethernet AVB (Audio Video Bridging) solution allows for complete integration into the vehicle, and provides the performance needed for fusion of multiple ADAS information channels. The acclaimed safety pedigree of the Integrity RTOS is a requirement for any ADAS solution being built to meet modern functional safety and ISO 26262 requirements. The semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles of tomorrow