Half-bridge gate driver for hybrid vehicle power systems

July 09, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Presented as the fastest-available 120-V high-side/low-side gate driver, this device reduces switching loss and minimises noise for greater efficiency and longer mileage

Texas Instruments’ automotive grade half-bridge gate driver comes with robust handling features. This driver provides a propagation delay at 15 nsec with short rise and fall times and the tightest delay matching of 1 nsec for 12-V to 48-V DC/DC power supplies. The UCC27201A-Q1 high-side/low-side gate driver offers advanced noise tolerance, resulting in improved overall system performance for hybrid vehicles.

The UCC27201A-Q1 is the only automotive gate driver to offer negative voltage handling capability on the high-side pin, making the product more immune to noise. An integrated 120-V bootstrap diode also allows for N-channel MOSFET control and eliminates the need for external discrete diodes.

Propagation delays at 15 nsec, and faster rise and fall times at 7 nsec, allows the system to switch efficiently at high frequencies. This reduces the size and weight of magnetics and heat sinks, ultimately lightening the vehicle load and resulting in longer mileage. Delay matching of 1 nsec protects the power supply from short-circuiting and failing. Improves power-conditioning efficiency and allows the system to switch at high frequencies in hundreds of kilohertz, allowing for smaller system size and weight. Negative-voltage handling at the switched-node pin creates the ability to tolerate noise, causing virtually no malfunctions in the electronic system. A wide range of MOSFETs in multiple power levels can be used.

The UCC27201A-Q1 automotive gate driver comes in a small-outline integrated circuit (SOIC)-8 package and is priced at $1.62 (1,000).

TI has two relevant blog entries; " 48V systems: Design considerations for a typical auxiliary power inverter " and " 48V systems: A good intersection between efficiency and cost in mild hybrids ."

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