Hall-effect current sensor tackles up to 1000A of primary current

August 31, 2015 // By Julien Happich
Optimized for the very high fields that characterize hybrid and electric vehicle (HEV) applications, the MLX91208CAV programmable Hall-effect current sensor from Melexis can cope with up to 1000A of primary current.

This device complements the existing MLX91208 products which cover low field and high field functions. Thanks to the proprietary integrated magnetic concentrator (IMC) technology employed, the sensors in the AEC-Q100-qualified MLX91208 series can accurately measure current without the need for inclusion of the bulky external ferromagnetic cores that are required for conventional Hall-effect current sensors.

The innovative IMC structure concentrates the magnetic flux and thereby enhances sensor performance. Melexis' IMC-Hall devices thus enable significant savings in board real estate and simplify the assembly process as they are housed in compact surface mount standard SOIC8 packages.

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